The Outlaws have been hard at it in summer training camp, preparing for a run at the playoffs.
photo by Jerry Baldock
The Outlaws have been hard at it in summer training camp, preparing for a run at the playoffs. photo by Jerry Baldock
The Outlaws bring 15 experienced players back to the gridiron this year, and a mindset to make it to the playoffs.

Five returning players will play on both the offensive and defensive line: Aaron Montanz; Anthony Randolph; Cameron Wessel; Logan Curtis; and Damien King. Montanz will anchor the offensive line; Randolph is a force to be reckoned with and always does his job; and Wessel brings a great attitude and work ethic and knows what he’s expected to do on the field. Curtis was fairly new to football last year, gained valuable experience, and is coachable and willing to learn. King is the Outlaws’ most improved player and continues to consistently get better.

Taylor Fendall is a three-year starter at quarterback, and a tough player who knows the game and will be a coach on the field.

Eli Gurney and Gator Haken will both play at slot. Eli is physical, consistent, and hard-working, and will also play at linebacker. Gator is very athletic and was the Outlaws’ leading rusher last season.

Brogan Pettersen and Hayden Sharp will also play at the slot position. Brogan is another very athletic player who can take it to the house. Hayden is the Outlaws’ key returning tackler and is very quick and speedy down the field.

Ethan Martin will be a beast for the Outlaws. He’s relentless, as tough as nails, and will play at fullback and on the defensive line. Hunter Spor is a big man that can both run and hit, and will play fullback and


Garrett Kersavage will play at wide receiver and defensive back. Garrett is savvy and can make the big plays. Rounding out the returning players are Dillon King, a total team player who will play at linebacker and on the offensive line; and Brayden Way, who will play at the same spots.

A few of the players shared their thoughts on what they felt the team would need to be successful this year.

Sharp said, “Success is sticking with our C-3 culture: connect, care, and compete. If you care you have to connect with your teammates, and to be able to compete you have to care.”

Gurney agreed with Sharp that the C-3 culture was key and stated, “Our C-3 culture has brought us all together to care for and love each other, and also care and love our entire community and everyone around us.”

Wessel commented, “Success is being a team, sticking together, and recording wins!”

When asked what he’s looking forward to quarterback Fendall said, “Another opportunity to compete with my friends, have a good year, and most of all have fun on the field with the guys.”

Coach Neil Fendall stated, “This year we want to challenge for a playoff spot, and our goals are basically that we compete in every game, stay together as a team, and we want every player who starts the season to finish the season.”