They have the equipment. They have the experience. Most of all, they have the desire to play. All the Lady Outlaws lacrosse program needs now is a coach.

Last season the girls program, which is a club sport administered through Sisters Park & Recreation District, performed well, making the playoffs and having a good time doing it. Unfortunately for the girls, their coach Mikaela Trott moved to North Carolina. So now they need to find someone to take the reins so they can get back out on the field.

Peggy Hogue, a club parent who has been very active in keeping the program going, said that enthusiasm and commitment are more important than experience.

"Hopefully they have some lacrosse experience, but it's not mandatory at this point," she said. "These girls love lacrosse and we need to grow this program."

The players say they are ready to help a new coach acclimate and are quick to alleviate any concerns about coaching a bunch of high school girls.

"Honestly, we had no drama last year," said Sydney Head, a long-time lacrosse player who loves the sport.

"It's definitely my best team experience of all the sports I've played."

Olivia Hougham said that playing lacrosse has been a positive experience.

"Everyone is able to work together as a team," she said. "It's good for us to be able to lift each other up."

Sophia Bianchi says that the team is ready to go and will work well with a new coach.

"We all have the skills," she said. "We did pretty well last year... we're all pretty motivated to do well within ourselves."

Hogue and the players note that the schedule is set and practices start February 25. A new coach will need to be certified by February 18, which requires a class held in Eugene.

They assure any prospects - regardless of experience - that they'll have plenty of support. Bianchi said the players already know how to set up practice plans, and mentorship assistance is available.

"We just need somebody who is willing," Head said.

Those interested in the coaching position may contact Chad Rush at Sisters Park & Recreation District,