Central Oregon-raised Tammy Patterson has the gift of healing touch. Photo by Katy Yoder
Central Oregon-raised Tammy Patterson has the gift of healing touch. Photo by Katy Yoder
Lie back and relax. Feel gentle hands massage pressure points in your tired feet, tight shoulders and neck. A heated bed, soft music and soothing scenes on the walls all contribute to an hour of worry-free pampering in the heart of Sisters. And that's just the beginning.

Central Oregon-raised Tammy Patterson has the gift of healing touch. She's turned that talent into a career that focuses on relaxation, vitality and regaining optimum health. Her business, Graceful Touch Bodyworks, has been providing spa treatments for a year and a half and is located on East Cascade Avenue in the courtyard behind BJ's Ice Cream. It's a quiet, pleasant location that's just far enough off the main drag to give clients a respite from the bustle of their day.

Patterson is a locally trained aesthetician. She explained that once she honed her skills, she started looking at modalities that interested her. Ionic cleanse caught her attention at a spa conference. Clients sit in a comfortable chair with a warm wrap around their shoulders while their feet are immersed in warm salt water. She was intrigued by the healing potential of the process.

"Being able to detox your body amazed me," she said.

Patterson did more research and decided to purchase two machines for her business.

"You can have heavy metals in your body. Little black specs in the water mean you're detoxing heavy metals. That's what happened with my treatment. I had a painful knee and after that first treatment the pain in my knee was gone. It also helps to balance your pH levels," she explained over a glass of cucumber water at her spa.

Patterson learned more about Ionic cleanse detoxifications, and found that the lymphatic system may circulate more efficiently after treatments.

"It can remove cellular debris that doesn't need to be in your system. There's salt water in the machines that creates negative ions and your body has positive ions. My first time with it was about 15 years ago. It gives you extra energy. You detox for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment."

After an ionic cleanse, Tammy includes a foot soak, then a 20-minute reflexology massage. Nothing makes her happier than watching her clients walk out of her office feeling relaxed and much more comfortable on their feet.

People from all walks of life have found relief under Patterson's care.

"Many of my clients have pain in their feet and legs. I do a lot of reflexology work on the scalp, hands and feet. People come to me who suffer from headaches and migraines. I also work with a lot of quilters whose hands are sore and need some care," she said. "Runners and hikers come to get their feet pampered. It's a fun


Many of Patterson's clients are concerned about their skin. Especially living in, or visiting, the very dry Central Oregon climate.

"So I do body scrubs that promote dead skin removal and revitalize the skin," she said. Patterson uses body oils that hydrate and revive the skin. "I do a 60-minute reflexology body tune-up."

Also offered are microdermabrasion, "bacials" (for your back), 60-minute facials, and 60-minute reflexology for the feet.

Patterson jokes that naps are optional.

A sole proprietor, Patterson created a welcoming space that feels more like your best friend is taking good care of you. She's decorated her treatment spaces with inspiring and calming artwork. Artwork on the walls, include beautiful Native American paintings that set a tone of spiritual renewal and enhance the calming, comfortable space where Tammy does her magic. There's a stunning carving of galloping horses by Skip Armstrong, and quilts made especially for the space.

The bottom line for Patterson is bringing well-being to her clients. She's brought relief to clients with concussion syndrome, cancer survivors and active people who want to get back to doing the things they love.

"I help people to function at their absolute best," she said. "I strive to help them feel stronger and have less pain."

To bring healing to the most people, Patterson would rather charge less and reach more people.

"I keep my prices low and more accessible for folks visiting Sisters and locals. I have specials on Facebook all the time that combine what I offer into really relaxing and rejuvenating treats. I'm here to offer a chance for pampering that helps keep you healthy, too."

In the summer, Patterson can do some of her treatments outside.

"During the Quilt Show, we are outside; if it gets too hot, we move into my air conditioning and cool down. I do a lot of specials that have combinations of everything I do. Detox, facial, scrub for 90 minutes."

Visit her Facebook page at Graceful Touch Bodyworks by Tammy Patterson.