July 24, 2001
Serving Western Deschutes County
Sisters, Oregon

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Sisters Sheriff's calls

  • A man reported several items stolen from his vehicle -- which was left along Highway 20 while he was taken to jail on a warrant arrest.
  • A woman reported an unknown animal under her deck, growling at her. It turned out to be a mama raccoon with babies. The woman resolved to wait till the new family moves out and then block access.

  • A deputy located a missing Alzheimer's patient who had left her house and walked to the residence of her brother-in-law.

  • A resident complained about constant drumming by his neighbor. The aspiring Gene Krupa agreed to knock off for the day.

  • Deputies found an escaped puppy and returned it to its owner (awww....).

  • A man was reportedly making lewd gestures at passing motorists, but he had moved on to other amusements before police could contact him.

  • A deputy responded to a report of a cow on the roadway, but when he arrived, the bovine fled. Perhaps there was a warrant?

  • A man reported his Glock 27 pistol stolen from his vehicle.

  • A woman reported several items stolen from her home while she was away.

  • A 20-year-old woman ran off after breaking things in an argument with her parents. A deputy located the woman, who is known to suffer from manic-depressive illness, and talked her into letting her parents take her to the hospital for observation.

  • A deputy had to dispatch an injured deer on Camp Polk Road (see related story).

  • A dog reportedly slaughtered 10 of his neighbor's chickens.

  • A woman lost her purse, which she believed fell off the trunk of her car. Someone found it and turned it in, with no items missing.

Information in "Sisters sheriff's calls" is taken from log entries and reports of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

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